On October 18 we were blessed by the hands of Yeezus. Kanye came into town and sang praises to our people. We traveled miles to see his face and to hear the words of YE.

Welcome to Sunday Service

Ye spoke, “nothing, nothing’s too great for God.”

after hearing whispers of his arrival, I found out the truth. He is coming. it was also the eve of Ochi Weekend, and all of Kingston had emptied out.

Some doubted his arrival. Some didn’t believe in him. Some denied him for leisure and a few trusted and went.

6:30p.m. Mr.B and I are trying to see him. we’re trying to get close. We find a break in the crowd, and wait.

The Melodies began. Instrumentals like thunder before the reigning message. The choir. Sang like angels, moved like the wind and gave Kanye the love he needed. It was beautiful.

“Gospel is lit.”

So the choir sang. Kanye Spoke and the crowd sang along. We appreciated him. We stood in solidarity with him on his journey. “Nothings too great for God.” – Kanye West.

“there’s nothing, nothing too great for God.”

He’s saved now. Stop looking at his past.

On God – Kanye West

cover fro. C.Buelto

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