When you see Leveridged think lifestyle. I’m all about living my best life and sharing the ways I accomplish it. My life has never really been the typical one and took one of my best friends to let me know.

A typical day for me is everything but. It can vary from finding a new hot spot to traveling to Negril just to swim for an hour. My life does not have a story board.

“I’m writing the stories as I go along.”

D.S, my beloved bestie who knows more about lifestyle change than any of the girls by moving from JA – JAP – CAD in only a few years asked me some Q’s

Lifestyle Q’s

D.S – What’s your go to drink on a night out and what drink have you sworn off?


My instincts say go for a glass of a sweet white or a rose. No fuss and its straightforward and


If i’m not careful I’ll down it like juice.

I avoid tequila or anything too strong in flavour or scent, but I always avoid a drink based in tequila. The aftermath is just too much.

D.S – How many glasses does it take to fuck you up?

It depends on the season.

In the summer it’s a large amount.

take that how you want.

D.S – off of alcohol, lets get to you. are you going to keep your locks for good? if not what do you think you’ll do next?


I would love to though. I have loved being this person. I’m not able to stick with 1 look for too long so change is coming

“it will be a surprise.”

I know it sounds weird because I had a pixie for so long, maybe 3 or 4 years but I still changed it up because I get bored with looks and feel some style more than others.

D.S – Change is coming? Is it colour? Would you colour your hair, your actual hair? what colour would you choose?

I don’t think I would. I’m terrified of damage and my tresses are delicate and thin. I’m too scared.

I would do a colour though. I want to go blonde like Zoey Kravitz’s blonde pixie or strawberry blonde. I’ve always been obsessed with strawberry blonde.

“but black hair is my signature. “

D.S – is that why you chose a black puppy? Why her name?

My puppy is very much a mature bitch now and no. I didn’t choose her. Mr.B gifted her. she just happened to fit in with my aesthetic. Her name came from her eyes. When she was a puppy I would take so many photos of her and the flash would reveal her bright blue eyes. The only thing that popped in my head was sapphires so I called her Sapphire.

My saphi

D.S – Who’s your favourite youtuber or channel?

I really like Patricia Bright and Emma Miller.

Both British both fun and interesting. 1 is single and living some out there life and the other is currently pregnant with her second baby and still living her best life. They both do mostly fashion videos and that’s what I’m into.

I have a different fave per genre.

For cooking it’s Binging with Babish, news is Philip Defranco, nerd shit is Super Carlin Brothers, pop culture is E!, architecture and real estate is AD or Ryan Serhant.

My mood changes as much as my recommended.

D.S – AD shows beautiful interiors and decor styles. What’s your interior style?

I like minimalism with comfort. I am building a home at the end of the day. I also like rich European , specifically British style interiors with rich fabrics and colours. You might see a purple house with a black door and heavy velvet curtains. I love the extraness and it’s tasteful .

Alcohol has been a topic on Leveridged way too often. But that’s it. The big talk is to come where A.D asks me Q’s on Leveridge’s groundwork. Not that AD, my best friend A.D

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