Travel huh. This one isn’t as straight forward. I’ve been a few places and traveled a few miles in order to form my own routine. It has become so easy.

Meticulous, but easy!

My OCD really comes out when I travel because I need comfort and style. Down to the colour and shape of my cosmetic pouch will stress me for days. I pack weeks before and day dream until I’ve reached my destination.

“thinking of different scenarios. you know?”

Whether it be day trip or night trip, near or far I’m down within reason. Combining my unique travel experiences and our unique friendship, K.G ran up with some this or that Q’s. See if we think similar.

here we go!

K.G – “rustic vibes or Luxury Living?”

“in life I want luxury living. “

and for travel I prefer luxury living. But there is such a calming energy when I indulge in rustic outings. Some of my favourite places and memories were made deep in nature.

maybe it’s secretly rustic vibes

K.G – ” passing out on the beach or zip lining through the trees?

passing out on the beach with the proper skin protection and shade. I’m feeling more relaxed spiritually and feel to indulge there.

i’m paranoid so… no tarzan shit.

K.G – ” now think faster! bikini or monokini?”

monokini. They’re equally sexy yet more forgiving.

K.G – ” quick, travel accessories! hats or glasses?”


travel or not they’re my fav accessory. Hopefully they work in this scenario.

K.G – ” a lot of girls are mocked for wearing makeup to the beach, what’s your take on it?”


let the women live.

It’s a personal choice and should be left at that. Some days I’ll put on some mascara just…. cause. I’ve worn makeup to the beach because I was serving a whole lewk. and I’ve equally gone fresh faced.

I went to enjoy the place. why do you care how I look?

when it comes to a woman’s choice to wear make up it’s hers . wear make up to the beach or don’t.

it’s seriously what ever

K.G – ” gimme your 5 secret trip tips! GO!”

  • comfy clothes within the realm of the trip
  • knowledge of the area before hand
  • the money you think you need add more!
  • check out the food situation asap, especially if you have a special diet like I do
  • remember your route. always plan your escape or what to say in the case of an emergency and you need to be found or even worst get out

Last one and it’s lifestyle from the goodie who underwent a paradigm shift. Travel q + a is with none other than D.S


“my birthday is coming up and my dream guy needs your help with deciding on where to take me. where’s he taking your bestie?’

okay I can help deliberate but I’m honestly not sure.

Maybe the casino. It’s interesting , intimate and brings out an honest side in someone. Plus not serious yet high pace with food. It’s just not boring and you’re not boring.

It’s a great answer

or a really great restaurant, and that’s my safe answer. like really good. you love food. he loves food. fuck it up, live merry. do you.

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