I have been approached with so many beauty and skin care questions its an abnormal amount. But I always have the answers because beauty and wellness are very important parts of my life. When you feel good you look good and…

when you look good you feel great!

Time, money and patience goes into unearthing the truths in the beauty industry helping stare you in the right direction. Beauty is for you. And I’m here to help you perfect that routine. With years of friendship and inside jokes tucked into our skinnies I was dying to see what type of beauty questions S.W would ask to further you in getting to know me.

she asks…

S.W – “I know you but what do you think your everyday beauty look says about you?

Technically I have 2 looks if you put it that way. I have an all natural look created with nothing but moisturizer and sunshine pulling me through. To which, I say I’m chill; approachable despite my rbf. It makes me appear younger and deceivingly timid. or so I’ve been told.


There are the make up days. This is different from a social event. My everyday beauty look probably says I’m neat and not fussy as I often don’t do anything bold. I rarely even wear a lip with my everyday look just to show. It says that i’m detailed, delicate and purposed. I use cosmetics to enhance my looks or correct an issue where I use light hands in target areas.

“It also says that I haven’t found a way to keep makeup on my nose.”

S.W – “No lip can be the start of a new trend similar to simple glossy lips for summer . what beauty fad that had you obsessed currently makes you cringe?”


I don’t bake my under eyes anymore. I don’t contour and highlight. No KKW bake brighten bronze.

Those 2 are too intense for me. I realised I didn’t have to do that all the time or at all to achieve a beautiful well done look. It’s cringe worthy because it doesn’t suit me any more. I love a light look with minimal products and these trends don’t fit into my current routine.

“I lightly set. Baking dries out your under eye.”

No thank you.

I shade, brighten and bronze. I use skin tone concealer with a powdered foundation to set, and bronzer or a darker foundation shade to bronze and warm up my face. I couldn’t imagine doing either fad today.

S.W – “a light hand means long lasting products, how do you stay salon fresh on a budget?”

“By understanding personal self care. ”

I care my shit, from my hair to my nails and clothes. Everything I own is cared for. This means wrapping your hair, preserving the style, buying products and tools to help maintain the style. This pro longs the wear and shelf life which helps with budgeting.

Another tip is to budget for beauty. Look at what you’re taking care of that month and separate some cash for it. Also note your beauty cycle. If your doing upkeep then you’re on a cycle. Add your beauty dates into your financials, this way you plan ahead.

and the layers continue to peal. See what K.G asks me about travel with her twist of this and that Q’s. Even better to get to know me by seeing where I stand with the choices in front of me. Plus a get to know her bonus Q for you.

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