Everything was still.

Over the hills and far away from Kingston sat Evita’s, perched in the clouds of St.Ann. It has the kind of view that humbles you and reminds you of all things you need to be grateful for, the type that calms you and alerts you to the present. Made even more romantic from the smell of the fresh rain and the stain of the droplets on the greenery.

On a whim Mr.B and I decided to stop for some late after noon lunch. It was rainy and cozy and we were on the hunt for food, so we ventured up the hill where we got more than comfort.

self acclaimed best little pasta house in Jamaica

I felt an immediate calm stepping into Evita’s, probably because I was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed from all the homely details that brought the little pasta house to life, along with its breathtaking view from its hillside existence.

“The best pasta I’ve had in a while. It rivals South Ave” – Mr.B .

The Fettuccine Carib – Alfredo sang songs in his heart and he couldn’t have been happier to have stumbled here. The Seafood Gourmet Rundown was a delicious rendition of the classic Jamaican dish zested up with mushrooms and local spices literally capable of making you sad because you’re left wanting for more. Everything tasted amazing even the starter bread with the best part being their offerings of gluten free noodles and zoodles!

seated at Evita’s I saw what the angels see. We felt like we were perched on the side of Heaven and grateful as we ate like celestials. Il cibo era deliziosa!

As far as surprises go, we enjoyed our stay over at Evita’s.

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