Maintaining radiant skin can be a hassle in the mid summers heat, and more so of a daunting task if you live in the Tropics or any where near the equator.

We both bathe and relish in the the suns rays.

Choice of SPF needs to be your choice of SPF, one that works with your unique bio- chemical make up. Choose one based on what your skin needs and amp it up for what you want. How? See how to move beyond the sun rays.

Tanning oils aesthetically fulfill the beach look but aren’t appropriate in every instance. Other oils work and are top favorites but don’t protect so sunblock for beauty devotees operates as the protector. However, an all in glow serum can be mixed to cover it all.

A mix of…

Personal sunblock w/ Pigmented strobe cream w/ Vitamin E oil

w/ Moisturizer

This mix can be used by itself to get you beach ready, beautiful and protected or it can be downsized and used in foundation for a light summer, healthy glow. The possibilities are endless. And the outcome the same.

beautifully, radiant, protected skin.

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