There’s quite a lot to do on this Portland beach front.

My girls and I took the opportunity to visit Monkey Island this time around and Mr.B takes me on his diving excursions whenever we visit, but there are so many things to do all on that little stretch of beach front by the East of the island.

Sailing across Blue Lagoon – you can sail across the lagoon or swim across the 180ft underwater drop off for even more adventure

Relaxing in the fresh spring – the spring sprouts ice cold fresh water, great for calming muscles and relaxing the body

Snorkeling – right before you exit the lagoon heading towards the sea is a large rock poking its head out, but underneath lies a beautiful ecosystem that will truly take your breath away plus another little surprise about the “rock”

Rafting – rafting around the lagoon is a beautiful and intimate experience that really exposes and connects you to the environment

Monkey sea, monkey do – exploring the waters that surround Monkey Island will warm your heart to find turtles and sting rays swimming right next to you as a quick hello and a friendly goodbye

Diving – Portland’s waters is popular for deep sea diving which is enjoyed by many due to the vast array of underwater land forms and animals

Beach front living – The beach front is lined with fabulous villas with immaculate, undisturbed sea front views, access points and staff ensuring that your focus is on exploring all of Portland’s beauty while enjoying everything on the list!

See what my friends and I got up to when we island hopped over to Monkey Island.

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