When 7 friends are free on the same weekend they go island hopping! and that we did.

We made plans for a beach day, one we hadn’t had all summer. So when we found a free weekend for everyone we made the decision to plan a quick trip to Monkey Island. It’s only a car drive, boat ride and swim away from Kingston. The usual commute for the best island activities.

We planned to do it twice! all before it got dark . Don’t be fooled by our definition of quick.

Portland has some of the best beaches in Jamaica, a sentiment shared about most parishes but one thing you’ll hear about Portland and not the others, is how beautiful it’s islands are right off the coast. And with all that chatter we decided to check out the famous island beauty ourselves.

After the drive to Portland it was the boat ride where we hopped into Benton’s boat, Mr.B usual boat driver whenever he goes diving. He sailed us over to go monkey around, and with our rum in hand we were ready!

The island was ours for the day. It’s very secluded with obviously not much to do but enjoy its beauty. I say obvious when that’s not true, there’s secrets on these islands. When we arrived, a couple was departing and they were telling us about the secret caves we could have snorkeled through and a whole bunch of other water escapades we could have gotten up to that I DID NOT CARE FOR BECAUSE I DON’T MESS WITH THE OCEAN!!! I did think it was worth sharing for those who care.

Beautiful. beautiful day.

Conversations were going and laughter permeated the air. We couldn’t have asked for brighter sunshine or warmer waters to make our day any better. It was beautiful, and as I said before we had it to ourselves to do what we wanted, so we did and even had nipples to all the winds. It was our private par with an open bar and the best music we could find. We enjoyed our rum in the sun!

and just like that we were sailing back.

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