Just a few hours from the iconic Montego Bay highway is the beautiful Hyat Zilara, the sister to the Hyat Ziva. The Zilara, where service is above all is the adult side of the property. It has a separate entrance and lobby ensuring the only babies are 9 months in the making.

Champagne greets those who prefer the finer, higher percentage things in life with non alcoholic beverages offered to those who don’t. A little bubbly coupled with the aesthetically pleasing open floor planned lobby sets the mood for the stay.

Check in was a breeze and our resort “tour” was too as our on-call butler gave us the run through of what to expect in the upcoming hours from the comfort of our ocean front suite.


The room and the view blew me away as I realised the attention to detail. From the french style double doors leading to the bedroom, to the extended balcony and the rooms floor plan was clearly thought out to bring comfort to each guest.

Continuing with the comfort was the enthusiasm and ear for concern from the staff. Each one walked with a smile and each one greeted you with love as is the resort policy. Something you feel as soon as you drive onto the property.

The landscape was beautiful with surprise elements tucked away hidden by the hotels grande design. A beautiful surprise were the fire pits that came alive at night after being shyly disguised during the day. Walking along the property gave a sense of richness as the marriage of old and new architecture began to show themselves.

Staying at The Hyat Zilara gives you access to The Ziva which was originally The Ritz Carlton where some of the first designs remain. Decorating the lobby were rich wood finishes that complemented the old world charm. It had a beautiful piano bar, grand stair cases and beautiful stone work that complemented the blue Caribbean sea.

Gorgeous designs could be found even in the smallest details. Something like the arrangement of the dinning rooms and restaurants were things to note, to the choice of palms and their locations.

The beach walk that stretches along the beach on the perimeter of the property made it simple to roam from side to side. Another impressive feature to add was the attention laid on guests dietary needs. Most restaurants provided both gluten free and vegan options to my surprise as The Hyat Zilara gave me my first taste of gluten free bread.

They even played great music!

Staying at The Hyat Zilara was a lovely, relaxing fun filled experience. Bumbed I missed the Saturday foam party and the evening Michael Jackson show but I was too busy having my own great time to need theirs. It was a beautiful stay.

My dinning experience was not the best, most meals I left undone. Something just wasn’t doing it for me flavour wise . I left that at that.

The wine and champagne choices were great! And the cob salad I had for lunch was amazing. I literally talk about the salad every chance I get. My poor food experience was not enough to dampen my trip. It’s a resort not a Michelin star restaurant that I will be sure to visit again.

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