After 1 month of planning and two birthdays, a pair of Geminis decided to celebrate the new summer solstice in the second city, Montego Bay. I’m not one to plan huge ordeals for my birthday but my best friend is and she surprised me with a quick trip to the north coast for some RRW!

Rest, Relaxation and Wine!

We road tripped to the Hyat Zilara and were greeted to champagne and a foam party that is apparently held every Saturday. That is when we knew we were in the right place.

Without hesitation we ran to our rooms, had lunch and our second cocktail of the day that loosened us up setting the mood for the rest of the trip. We made an oath to make the best of it seeing that we only had 24 Hrs in the 2nd city!

No times for games. Wine us up please!

This getaway was a necessary one. We needed a break from our lives in the city to breath new air, see new things and think broader about the next years of our lives while steadily drinking wine.

The only time we weren’t drinking was when we were sleeping!

On our first night we went to the beach and were enamored with the lunar rays. There’s something special about the night time!

We fell in love with the night beach. We connected and spoke for hours on things we need to fix in order to move forward. We offloaded our issues to make room for our successes and found ways to follow through.

After dragging ourselves away from the water we changed an ran for dinner.

If there’s drinking there’s eating!

After our late dinner we went straight to bed. We were tired from the 19 Crimes.

Early rise to watch the sunset? Yes please! But most importantly we had an early check out. We geared up for breakfast and had the usual, coffees, teas and mimosas to kick start our day. After breakfast there was some drunken beach side lounging where another guest loudly played Beyonce’s Coachella performance where we sang along … with choreo!

We made it to the pool and continued or talks on life. Now with the dawn of a new day we spoke about our bright futures, further solidifying or goals and action plans. Feeling fresh from last nights release gave us space to breathe.

Exhale the bullshit.

after all that success talk we moved to lunch where I had a bomb cob salad. it was that good. I keep talking about it! Look, it’s me still talking about.

After the final supper we swam around some more until we were ready to go. On this trip we renewed ourselves, relaxed, had fun and made promises that we will continue to be the good gyals we set out be! All from 24Hrs in the second city.

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