First you must hydrate…

From the perfect moisturizer to the most soothing facial mist your skin will love you for keeping it hydrated. The secret to bright, bouncy skin is retention of the nutrients we’ve had from birth and one major way of slowing down signs of aging is by moisturizing. I will always reach for a water or oil based product that’s geared towards moisture retention or one that’s moisture rich!

Less is more!

No to heavy foundation and yes to concealer and BB creams. There’s no need to clog your pores with heavy foundation everyday while you try and combat the heat. Spot treat or a light weight alternative have been the answers to your skin routine prayers. I use rose oil, concealer and a few dots of foundation under my eye as my base on special summer days. On a regular day its sunscreen only!


The point is to look sun-kissed and unbothered and bronzing is the easiest way to do so. I use a light powdered bronzer in a rich tone that’s similar to a foundation shade in a darker skin tone. Using something more flesh toned helps blend it better with skin giving of that beautiful island glow. BONUS!! lighter blush shades work best during the summer for that fresh sun-kissed look.

Beauty mists!

Setting spray will change the game and the right one will change your life! I no longer use heavy, chemical, store bought sprays. I stick to simple and natural, organic rose water facial toner. “I thinks it has like 2 ingredients. Too unbothered to read…” This is the finishing touch that makes it look like angel skin

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