“There’s a real power in heels and a good dress” – Talulah Riley

Right! What Talulah said. My birthday is my favourite time of the year because that’s when I pamper myself and fulfill my hearts greatest desires i.e I spend on me ’cause I’m worth it! But this outfit came free for June.

Trying to practice more sustainable fashion habits has caused me to dive deeper in my closet rather than the web which made me realise that I do have a lot to wear! I bought this dress months before my birthday along with the heels and hand bag, all bought at different times not knowing that this combination would make up my b-day fit.

dress – Classic Circle |biker tights – BritBran | heels – Fashionova | bag – Pretty Little Thing

I knew I wanted to wear white, which was secretly the colour of summer, and had my eye on options way before June 1, but couldn’t take the plunge to proceed to check out. In trusting my gut and having looked through what I already owned I had found my beloved summer dress that I bought for another occasion but never wore. I styled it up to fit a sexier look and fell in love with what I created that still gives me the ease of wearing it how the creators had intended it.

While I knew I would have been sipping, I didn’t know I would have been sporting too and committing to my heels may not have seemed the wisest choice but my strong calves and comfy Cinderella heels brought me through.

“High heels are pleasure with pain” – Christian Louboutin

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