Uncorked is one of the more popular wine bars in Kingston. Great for the full wine tasting experience and even better for a date or GNO. It’s tucked away but not shy in its corner at Sovereign North, an extension to the famous Sovereign Mall.

gluten free.

They have a pretty extensive menu that is vegan friendly with some great gluten free options. The cuisine ranges from heavier dinner dishes to summary salad options and wine and cheese platters for the mature palette.

Uncorked Wines and Wine Wall

Being a winery means wines, and wines, and WINES on deck!!! The wine menu is enormous. It includes everything used to decorate the walls. Every bottle displayed within the restaurant is available for purchase and as a proud drinker that makes me very happy!

My wine of choice is anything sweet!

Uncorked is a beautiful spot to unwind with friends. It can be as chilled or as purposeful as your outfit will need it to be. It’s perfect for whatever mood. I’m always in a day drinking mood.

Midday Moscato, heels and mini dress #PERFECT

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